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Monetary Decisions

If you had the choice to either go to the university of your dreams, but have debt, or have a less prestigious education at an average school, but be able to go for practically free, what would you choose? The dream school also comes with the added benefit of being farther away from family that can drive you crazy, but also puts you farther away from your family, which can be supportive. Plus, you can be in a smaller school setting, in a place that feels serene. The other school would mean that you could live with your family, but you'd have to live with your family. Plus, they don't have a good art department, but they have a relaxed music department.

101 goals in 1001 days

Stolen from sillycecelia
I think this is it :D
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After looking at at least a thousand lists of goals, I have realized that 1) most people want to do the same things in life and 2) a majority of people want to have skinnydipped. I totally recommend it, it's so different :D and also 3) I have things that I want to do that will never be public knowledge ;P


Drunken Help

Andy had to work late last night. Really, really late. At about two in the morning there was a drunk college kid passed out right behind his car. He got the dude out of the way and left. When he called me on his way home, he told me about it, and I said he should call the cops, because otherwise he would freeze to death in the parking lot. Things like that happen from time to time here. So we called, and they picked him up. I think we did good.



So far I'm feeling very optimistic about 2011. Well, for most of it, but I'm focusing more on the positive in my life.
I got my hair cut today. I cut off about 14 inches for locks of love, and then got the rest really styled, resulting in an average of a foot and a half of hair being lost. Considering that my hair was all the way down to my waist (and annoying the frick out of me) this is awesome for me.
I got rid of my major stressor, which was school. Everything about it was stressing to me.
I have a new babysitting job lined up, which will be based at my house.
Things are going good so far. I AM going to have a good 2011.


List of Goals

I was looking at the list I made, and I realized that I'm not going to get everything on that list done. But I'm okay with it. I have different goals, and I'm more laid back about the goals I do have (except for a couple). I have reached goals I didn't put on the list, and those are more relevant to me than some of the ones that are on the list. I have thought this before, and maybe even wrote about it before, but it's cathartic to me to say it 'out loud'.
Also, I love it when the spell check has no errors. Just saying.


Sick and Stuff

I've been sick for the last week, ever since last wednesday night with the flu. I was hoping to be better before now, because of all the school I've missed and homework that I can't do at home, but I'm kind of glad I'm here today, because of all the cold rain. It was cold rain last week that pushed me over the edge, and I don't want to risk complications. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'll do my best when I get back.
A majority of my professors have a policy of decreasing the maximum grade you can get by one for every weekday that homework is late. Well then, I've screwed myself in at least one class, where there is only four major assignments. I just have to take a deep breath, and remind myself that grades don't matter. Besides, it's not like I'll be able to continue going to school after this semester anyway.


Stuff Update

I had tons of fun at the cabin, but I was glad to be home after over two weeks so I could be in my own bed with my husband and my puppy.

While I was up at the cabin, I spun a bunch... well, it turns out my joints can't handle the pressure of hand spinning. I have been in pain since the last pics of my work. It started out as an ache and just kept getting worse. I should have listened to my body when it started aching, but I'm me. Every morning when I wake up, it hurts just to move it a tiny bit, and pops. I exercise it, and it loosens up a bit. At the worst my joint on my left thumb was swollen over twice the size of the other one. I need a real wheel :(

I've been knitting a lot, mostly baby socks. I have lots of baby showers to deal with.

I'm most likely going back to school for the fall, maybe for just one semester. I might have a job watching a baby starting in January, and I don't know if I want to continue on with school. It's just a very depressing environment.

The day before yesterday, Andy informed me that he was going to have 2 guys from work over for steaks and beers. Okay, a bit short of notice, but I've kept the house basically clean, so there isn't too much to do, especially for just a couple guys. The next morning, yesterday morning, he texts me and says that it's now going to be a bunch of guys, their wives, and some kids. ... Yeah, I panicked. I had a major panic attack, called my mom, I felt better, she came over and helped me prepare a bunch of food (since now I had to cook for so many) and even helped me clean the pond, since the kids would undoubtably want to see it(which totally happened). I cleaned my little heart out, but it was worth it. It was great fun. Only six adults and one kid came, no one canceled until 7ish, so we didn't know if they would be there later until then. But I'm glad it was smaller, I have an easier time with smaller groups of people. Only one kid came, a 5 year old little girl that is cute. Andy was totally smitten with her and after they left he went on and on about how 'she is so adorable, and that is one of the many reasons I want a little girl'. He's so cute about it, always trying to convince me like I have a choice. I still hope for a son though ;) She was feeling left out, so her mom and I took her downstairs and I made her a 'princess veil' (some tulle with curly ribbon in it) and a magic wand that she painted. And I gave her a pink bracelet. I'm kind of a sucker for kids.

Today I'm recovering from the party, and am not cleaning! Not one thing! ...well, if I spill something, or see something that needs to get done... but for the most part, I'm just going to relax, knit, and game tonight.

more spinning



some more spinning pics
the tour de fleece is an event where when they spin their wheels (bikes) in the tour de france, we spin our wheels (spinning) in the tour de fleece. You can join groups, and there are lots of prizes!